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SHROYCO is a well established and sought after, full-service home design-build company serving Round Top, Texas, as well as La Grange and the surrounding areas.


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Energy Efficient Construction

SHROYCO doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality construction. All of our homes and buildings are designed and built with energy conservation in mind. Building energy-efficient homes, businesses, and outbuildings not only saves money on your utility bills, it's also good for the environment and often allows you to claim an energy tax credit!


Architectural Design Round Top TX

SHROYCO offers state of the art architectural design that is customized to your needs. Established in 1977, SHROYCO has an expert staff of drafters, designers, and construction specialists. If you are looking for the best team to design your dream home, look no further than the talented team at SHROYCO.


Barn Design and Construction

If you are in the market for a new barn or other outbuildings, SHROYCO can design and build energy-efficient construction to your specifications. We can create a showpiece, barn, garage, or workshop that blends into the background.


Remodeling Round Top TX

One of SHROYCO’s specialties is remodeling, and we love to turn your blank canvas into the home of your dreams. Your home doesn’t have to be historical to benefit from a remodel — we can turn any building into your vision to make the home of your dreams come alive.


Historic Building Conservation

SHROYCO loves to breathe new life into historic buildings in and around Round Top TX. Round Top's quaint historic district isn't the only area with historical architecture, but it is one of our favorites. If you have a historic home or business you want to restore to its original splendor, don't be afraid to call on the capable team at SHROYCO.


Design Build Round Top TX

SHROYCO loves to take you through the entire process of creating your perfect home, from designing to seeing the build emerge. Whether you are renovating, adding to an existing structure, or you are creating something new from the ground up, SHROYCO is the company Round Top calls on to design and build beautiful homes and businesses.


Why Choose SHROYCO?

SHROYCO has been the company Round Top TX and surrounding areas have relied on to create dream homes since 1977. Our experienced team of drafters and designers take you through the design process before handing the project over to the capable hands of our expert construction crew. Having one company handle everything from beginning to end ensures that nothing will be lost in translation — a common problem that occurs when you have multiple companies working on the same project.


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